Custom Software or Pre-Made: Why Doesn't my Software Work?

You might be wondering, “Why don’t my applications work the way I want them to?” Asking more specific questions like “What’s the best CRM software?” or “What’s the best accounting software?” The choice of software solutions can make or break the success of a small business. With more software products on the market than ever before, companies are faced with a critical decision — should they go with off-the-shelf traditional software or invest in tailored custom built solutions?

This comparison will help you decide which one is right for you and hopefully help you determine what to do when your software is not working for you.

Custom Built Software


Custom software solutions are tailored computer programs and applications made to address precise business or individual requirements. These personalized software solutions, whether developed from the ground up or adapted from existing software, offer a tailored approach to resolving challenges or optimizing processes. Custom software solutions are a great idea for organizations aiming to boost productivity, streamline operations, or attain objectives beyond the capabilities of off-the-shelf software.


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Why Should I Buy Custom Software?

Will I own my custom software? -  When you decide to build a custom software for you or your business, you’re also buying the ownership of the finished product. With ownership you’re no longer reliant on third party providers. This eliminates the risk of unexpected changes, service disruptions, or licensing issues that can and have occurred with software applications in the past.

Additionally, the features you incorporate in this 1:1 software will give you a competitive advantage in your industry where everyone is likely using the same sets of software.

How customizable is software? - Unlike with off-the-shelf software, custom software solutions are fully customizable because as said before, you’re the owner. This ability to customize the software whenever you want is very empowering because it gives you the ability to give your team access to the tools they need to thrive and bring success to your business. That being said, like anything else you personally own, you’re responsible for it. Although you can update or add features to your software whenever you want, you’ll need to keep a small budget in order to update or add features in the future.

Is custom software easy to integrate? - Because you’re building the software specifically for the needs of you and your team, it will integrate seamlessly into your day to day operations making everything run smoother.


Cost comparison of custom software versus off-the-shelf software

How business growth can be hindered by pre-made software.


Is custom software expensive? - Although custom software solutions are initially more expensive, if you’re planning on using that software for some time, you will actually end up saving money while having ownership.


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Should I Buy Off-the-Shelf Software?


Off-the-shelf software solutions, also known as prepackaged software, are ready made computer programs and applications available for purchase or download. These software packages are designed to serve a broad range of users and needs, offering a cost-effective and convenient solution for common tasks and functions. Off-the-shelf software solutions are accessible to businesses and individuals seeking efficient and readily available tools to meet their specific requirements.

Why Do People Buy Off-the-Shelf Software?

Is off-the-shelf software cheaper? - One of the greatest benefits of off-the-shelf software is the low barrier to entry in price compared to custom software solutions. Of course pricing varies from platform to platform but one can typically pay the monthly or annual fee upfront for immediate access which is not possible with a custom solution. 

Off-the-shelf software trial and installation - In my opinion the best thing about off-the-shelf software solutions is that you can typically try and compare the different software providers to determine which is best for you or your team. Once you decide upon the best choice, it’s possible to use the software immediately after purchasing. 

Not Your Product — Not Your Problem: Considering you are not the owner of the software in this case, you won’t have to worry about paying for any updates or bug fixes in the. This being said, you can’t control what changes are made and when they are made. Additionally with more features randomly added, some software providers have increased the price of services potentially leaving you in an awkward position.

When working with a software development company that creates custom software, you’ll have a better, more personalized experience.


Both off-the-shelf and custom software are similar but if you say you’re looking for the best CRM or the best accounting software for your team, there’s no better option than going custom. An example - if you look at an off-the-shelf CRM, it does for the most part the same thing as a custom CRM. It helps manage customer data. What’s different is the customized solution has everything you need


Off-the-shelf software is cheaper up front, can be immediately used after installation, and oftentimes even comes with a trial. This being said, in the end custom software will always come out on top. Being fully tailored for you, customizing your software will save you money in the long run and be a better tool for your work. 

In the end the decision is very personal and you have to weigh the pros and cons in order to make the right final decision. Build a custom solution shaped and cut to fit your needs, or an off-the-shelf solution that might do most of what you need done.


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