Development of the Tokes Explorer - Multichain Ventures

The Tokes Explorer was a specialized explorer tracking transactions related to exclusively the $TOKES token.


Multichain Ventures, the parent company of Tokes Platform, was a blockchain company that worked on developing an integrated ecosystem for merchant software products powered by Blockchain technology.

Its main product was The Tokes Platform, a blockchain-powered point-of-sale (PoS) system. While initially only transacting in its own crypto token ($TOKES), it was eventually expanded to transact in other coins like $BTC and $LTC (Litecoin) and meant to work in conjunction with its mobile wallet. In addition to products surrounding the PoS, it also provided infrastructure and payment solutions for merchants.

Project Objective:

Tokes, the token powering Multichain Ventures products, was one among thousands within the Waves Blockchain. In order to show growth within the Tokes ecosystem, it became important to run a separate explorer containing only Tokes-related transactions and other tokenomics-related data (total supply, number of holders, highest balances, USD price, etc).  Additionally, it would need to provide a good user experience and have mobile responsiveness.

We were tasked with providing support in the development of this explorer in both back-end and front-end development.


  • Identify user flow and main data points
  • Development of mockups
  • Review of the Waves Blockchain documentation, specifically API endpoints related to block data
  • Identify which data is provided natively by the chain and which needs to be added after data retrieval
  • Identify additional uses for the explorer that we might need to take in consideration

Technologies Used:

  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • Waves Platform


  • Shows Tokes transactions per block
  • Transactions searcher based on the Transaction ID
  • Address searcher displaying details such as balance and transactions
  • Display of tokenomics for Tokes
  • API to retrieve transaction or address details


  • Data synchronization with Waves
  • Get Tokes transactions from Waves block
  • Get transactions from Waves address

Project Challenges:

  • Finding the right balance between blockchain calls and user experience while building for the future

Solutions we developed:

  • Rather than querying for the blockchain for every call, we keep at hand the transactions only related to Tokes and create functions meant to efficiently query data for users
  • A background process was created to sync the explorer’s data with that of the chain
  • An API was developed that connected directly to the database and presented the data to not only the front end of the explorer but also to any application developed for the Tokes platform ecosystem that would find that data useful
  • Lots of effort was made in developing modular reusable React components used throughout the front-end application that was also made to be mobile-compatible
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