Launch of the DAO - Star Atlas

The Star Atlas DAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization built to give the owners of $POLIS tokens the ability to vote on major decisions that affect Star Atlas as both a product and as a business.


The DAO website was created to give users a place to lock up their $POLIS tokens to perform voting actions on decisions that shape the future of Star Atlas. This website will allow a user to lock $ATLAS & $POLIS tokens, present, review, and vote on potential proposals and review and monitor the DAO treasury funds and assets.

Project Objective:

The main objective of this project was to launch a Solana staking website that gives $POLIS holders the ability to vote on new proposals and review the current DAO treasury. As part of the infrastructure team, our job was to ensure that once launched, the website would be safe, secure and stable at all times, even under constant demand.


  • Technology research and development
  • Deployment strategy
  • CI/CD Pipeline design
  • Availability research
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators to be tracked
  • Test and validate the desired infrastructure

Technologies Used:

  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • Rust Language
  • Python
  • Storybook
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • GitHub Actions
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Run
  • Cloud Build
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud DNS
  • Various Solana RPC Providers
  • WebSockets
  • MongoDB
  • StackPath
  • New Relic


  • Solana wallet connection
  • Proposal voting
  • Proposal listing
  • Analytics
  • Observability
  • Monitoring
  • Staking $POLIS & $ATLAS coins
  • Ability to view the DAO treasury
  • Review revenue summary
  • Review asset accounts


  • A specialised DAO blog
  • Ability to connect a Solana wallet
  • Ability to earn rewards by staking $POLIS & $ATLAS coins
  • Ability to read, submit, and vote on upcoming proposals to the Star Atlas ecosystem
  • Light mode and dark mode
  • Review the DAO treasury’s current balance by assets owned, $ATLAS balance, $USDC balance, and $SOL balance
  • Review the DAO revenue summary based on game activity and marketplace fees
  • Get more information about the details of the Star Atlas DAO and its associated products and services.

Project Challenges:

  • Working on a tight deadline
  • Ensuring absolute security and stability for its users and the Star Atlas technology used by the DAO website
  • Required expanding on our previous CI/CD pipelines to include more tooling that goes with the new website
  • Ensuring the product and pipeline are scalable as the Star Atlas team adds more features and functionality to the website

Solutions we developed:

  • Working under a tight deadline gave us another opportunity to make fast decisions while balancing the security and stability of the final product
  • Since our users would be locking up their funds into the various Solana smart contracts, we had to ensure that this site was free of any exploits by following the security best practices and industry standards that have served us well in the past
  • When the team was formed to create the DAO website, the team required more tools and third-party integrations to deliver the product, we were able to revise and extend the current CI/CD pipeline to accommodate all the needs of the team during and after delivery
  • As this project is very much the start of many more to come in the Star Atlas DAO world, we knew we had to develop an infrastructure that could support many more additions of products and features down the road
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